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Dr. Tyler A. Gerdin, PsyD, ABPP (pronounced "Jer"-"dean")

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology

Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine

Learn about yourself, move past old struggles, and find peace of mind.


I specialize in the assessment of neurodivergent teens and adults in Spokane, WA (those with ADHD, High IQ, Autism Spectrum/Asperger's, Dyslexia, etc.) to find their accurate diagnoses, describe their areas of strength, and provide the direction you've long waited for.

Do you (or your child) struggle to keep up in work or school? Have trouble connecting with others? Do you feel a lack of confidence, find it hard to soothe your worries, or struggle with feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness?

Perhaps those old hurts haven't healed. You (or you child) need tools to confidently move forward to achieve goals and live a fulfilling life.

You’ve been given different answers or diagnoses from doctors or therapists—teachers may have expressed concerns. Those ideas did not provide clarity or positive results. The partial answers did not explain what is truly going on. Or maybe you've simply put this off for too long. You worry that unless you do something soon, you don't know how you/your child will turn this around.​

You've taken a huge step in deciding to finally​ get some help. I honor that courage and want to walk alongside you towards deeper understanding and healing. We can do this together.

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If you can relate to the relational, emotional, or problems in work/school described above, you may benefit from a comprehensive assessment.  Dr. Gerdin takes the time to listen. He uses a variety of sensitive tools that measure the brain's abilities, personality, and developmental concerns. 


Dr. Gerdin specializes in assessing complex, neurodivergent older children and adults. His psychological testing not only report diagnoses, but bring clarity about underlying struggles specific recommendations to give the help you need.

Dr. Gerdin brings clarity and direction when you have questions.



Maybe others don't see it, but you're slowly falling apart. That creeping sadness, that tension that won't release. You are tired of it. Despite your best ideas, reading, and endless distractions, you can't figure it out and stop the inner suffering. Advice and self-help books ring hollow.


You need someone who truly listens to understand the real issues. Psychotherapy in Spokane with Dr. Gerdin helps you (or your child) to fully understand your experience, see your true needs, improve relationships, experience self-compassion, and find new ways forward.

Dr. Gerdin helps confused and struggling students/employees, individuals with relationship problems, and treats sadness and anxiety.

Men at Work


You just want things to get back to normal. After your injury, it is hard to complete normal daily tasks, much less work at your job. You’re looking for ways to recover. Dr. Gerdin uses evidence-based methods to treat workplace-related injuries for those with Washington L & I coverage.


In addition to helping people recover, our psychologist in Spokane provides comprehensive psychological evaluation to diagnose psychiatric disorders and provide information to claim managers.

Dr. Gerdin brings clarity in assessment and helps injured workers on the path to recovery.



Dr. Gerdin provides psychological assessments for the following needs: Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE), Independent Medical Examination, Disability (SSI and L&I), Injury Cases, Parenting Capacity, and Chart Reviews. Each case is different and requires special care and thought. Please contact Dr. Gerdin for a consultation.

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