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A Path of Recovery

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Dr. Gerdin provides two services for L&I: 


1.) Psychosocial Counseling & Psychotherapy- Research has found that counseling services are an effective way to help patients recover more quickly from both physical and mental injuries. Dr. Gerdin can lower distress by using pain management strategies. Therapy services can also improve compliance with medical treatments and prevent further complications in recovery. A patient does not need a mental health diagnosis to qualify. No psychological evaluation or authorization is required from claim managers and counseling increases access to care. Dr. Gerdin is an EMDR Certified Therapist to treat patients with PTSD.

  2.) Psychology Consultation-  Dr. Gerdin can provide you with a neuropsychological evaluation or psychology consultation to better understand your patient. An evaluation includes an extensive interview and neuropsychological and personality assessments used to diagnose problems and recommend treatment. If you are concerned that your patient may have a mental health concern (i.e. depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic, psychosis, etc.), don't hesitate to refer for a psychology consultation. The mental health disorder can be causally related to the injury, related to problems from the injury, or a pre-existing disorder that is exacerbated by the injury and needs treatment as an aid to recovery.

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Your work injury has changed so many things. Maybe you have trouble relaxing, feel depressed, or can't stop thinking about past experiences. You hate not feeling like your old self and just want to recover. Our psychologist in Spokane, WA uses evidenced-based interventions to help you get better and reach your goals. If you are having mood, social, behavioral, or thinking/memory problems, you can request that your L&I provider refer you to Dr. Gerdin.

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